52 | Muriel Conze [27/10/80]

Dear Herr Elbrecht

Thank you for your letter of 22.10.1980. I am writing
back to you at once hoping the letter reaches you in time before you
leave for London. I am sure we can arrange something during your
time in England. Please phone me when you arrive in London and I
will book a hotel for you for any length of time you want. I do not
have very much contact with the Budhhist Society in London, and there-
fore I think it is better to contact me directly.

Prof. Ninian Smart has been ill in hospital having
his gall bladder removed, and is now at home in Lancaster. I think
it is rather doubtful that you will manage to see him. It is a long
journey to Lancaster and I do not think he will be well enough to come
to London.

I will await further news of you.

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs.) Muriel Conze