32 | Edward Conze [15/08/78] card of Roadrunner

Dear Sir,

many thanks for what you have achieved with the Insel Verlag.
Dr. Unseld proposes a fairly extensive program with the Buddhist
books. I will write to him soon when I have discussed some of the
technical and legal problems with my publishers here. I will then
mention the question of the translator, as you wish. Unseld is not in-
terested in The Psychology of Mass Propaganda, but Herr Werner Berthel
(on 11/7/78) wrote that "in my opinion the book is - after forty
years - still suitable for publication!"

This is only a brief note with which I hope (to) reach you before you depart
for the Far East. Postal deliveries have become irregular because
of a strike of some P.O. workers. May you have a fruitful and en-
joyable journey! We can resume our correspondence when you are

Best wishes.