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Dear Sir,

xerox copies of Contradiction and Reality can be had
from: University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106,
USA. But my wife found a discarded and tattered copy of
the original in a bottom drawer, and here it is, as my
gift to you. This pamphlet is, as you will see, the link
between Der Satz vom Widerspruch and the later Budhhist

As for the Deutsche Misere, I feel that there has been
something wrong with the German people for a whole century
now, as Nietzsche noted at the time. Was mir als Gast-
professor in Bonn 1969/70 auffiel war (1) die unbewäl-
tigte Vergangenheit, (2) der Mangel an Zivilcourage und
die innerliche Unfreiheit in Gegenwart von Authorität,
(3) die Verwilderung der Sprache, (4) die Steifheit der
Umgangsformen und der Mangel an Herzlichkeit und
gütigem Entgegenkommen und (5) die Angst vor den Stu-
denten und vor fast allem jenseits der Grenzen des Se-
minarraums. So I prefer to continue my existence in this
bankrupt country, rather than to share in the prosperity
of people die jederman jetzt einmal zur Abwechslung
wirtschaftlich übertrumpfen wollen. For the rest my
family were textile (silk) barons from Langenberg near
Elberfeld, we are related to the Engels family and I feel
a great affinity with him - in the polemics of FBS you
will see many similarities to the Anti-Dühring. Engels'
own affinity to Indian thought has been well explained
by Prof. R. C. Zaehner in the English standard textbook of
comparative religion The Concise Encyclopedia of Liv-
ing Faiths
1959 etc. This is said to counteract the

It is impossible from here to get the private address
in East Berlin of Prof. Dr. Walter Ruben, Emeritus für
Indologie an der Universität Berlin. If you can get it
for me I will be grateful to you.

Yours in the Dharma