45 | CR Book XII, Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Nirvana [never been completed]

The meaning of Nirvana unfolds itself only gradually on
the successive steps of the Path. It is true that the
traditional definition of the first two steps of the
eightfold path implies a very considerable awareness of
Nirvana. 'Right view' is thus defined as 'the eye of
wisdom of the yogi who regulates his life so as to pen-
etrate the four truth, which has Nirvana as object, and
removes the latent bias of self-deception'. 'Right inten-
tions', or 'aims', are similarly taken to mean 'the adjusting
of thoughts to Nirvana as the track (home?)'. But it
appears that the stages of the eightfold path are not
understood to stand in a relation of chronological suc-
cession to one another.

[pali/sanskrit notes to XII/6 -
To be arranged in due order later.]