05d | CR Definitions of self by linguistic uses [1941]

At this stage, a definition of self can consist
only in a classification of the linguistic uses
of this term, and of some of its equivalents [see
table A: self]. The ambiguity of this word re-
flects the multiple perspectives of the objective
fact which it denotes. I here add a subdivision of
the meanings of self chiefly when used as noun (cf
9-12). It means:

A. The person:
1. The primary personality
a) our own individuality (or essence, cf 1)
also selves like persons; as formerly souls
b) person or thing as object of introspection or
reflective action (cf 2)
"in a more subjective sense the self is what
the individual knows about himself, how he
conceives himself, how he feels about himself, what
he plans & wishes for himself" (Woodworth 1922)
c) one's personal welfare & interests as an ob-
ject of concern (OED)
e.g. cares for nothing but self; refers everything
to self, etc.
2. A man himself, as opposed to somethings else
about him
himself vs. x; not: his self vs. x
Homer: many brave souls to Hades; themselves (aut-
ous) a prey to the dogs (Il.A 4; cf Od.1a 6o2)
he is not quite himself etc.
a person or thing opposed to its attributes, or
accidental qualities (himself, itself)
3. A self=anything to which any thing may belong
For person shades into self as subject: a per-
manent subject of successive & varying states
of consciousness (OED)

B. As a constituent of the personality (chiefly phil.)
1. a) my real self-where a man is most himself
"that which in a person is really & intrinsica-
lly he (in contradistinction to what is adventi-
tious)" (OED)
b) that which is nothing but myself
c) my ego
d) as defined in ch. 1
2. Secondary personalities (sub-persons, cf 11)
a) as [supposed] centres of organisation [or control]
[like Plato's 3 souls, or the secondary selves of
hysterics, cf book vii, chapter 3, 10']
b) as levels on which life can be lived
[as the 7 selves or 'sheaths' of Indian tradition]
[c) as units of self-conception (cf book iv, chapter 3, 7'-9')]

C. As a kind of principle
1) Self; as: Self the spring of all; A Self's prison etc.
2) Selfhood (cf 12). The condition of having a self
in any sense of the word.
(OED distinguishes 3 meanings)